Get the highest Prices for your Diamonds and Diamond Jewelry!

By selling your jewelry in our brand new online auction site

Simple, Quick and Risk-Free!!

Your jewelry will be seen by HUNDREDS of qualified diamond jewelry buyers!

Online Auction Advantages!

• Tons of Internet Exposure

• Peace of Mind

• No-risk 24 Hour Review Period to accept

  or reject the highest bid at auction closing

• A Guaranteed Sale with Quick Payment

You will work directly with us to submit your auction item.  A store associate will inspect your item and assist you in completing the submission form.  Together, you will enter item details into the auction platform.  The associate will then package and ship your item securely to the auction processing facility.  Upon arrival, your item will be inspected and evaluated by an expert diamond grader.  Once confirmed, your item will be activated in the auction and you will receive a confirmation email.  You will then be able to login to our website (from any computer or mobile device) at any time to check the 5-day auction status and accept bids.

How The Auction Works:

A 5-Day online auction is held every two weeks, starting on Wednesday and ending the following Monday

You drop off your diamond or diamond jewelry at Seng, and fill out the submission form.

Your item is shipped to our diamond grading and evaluation auction facility.

Your item is featured in a 5-day online auction where hundreds of qualified buyers compete for your item.

Log in through our website to review and accept the highest bid.  Once accepted, the sale is GUARANTEED and your payment is processed within 24 hours of auction closing.

You receive payment! Payments are available via check, wire transfer, or Paypal.

Our simple, no-risk auction process allows you to get THE HIGHEST PRICE for your jewelry, quickly and easily!

Frequently Asked Questions


How often are the auctions performed!

Auctions are held every two weeks, as holidays permit.  The 5-day auctions start on Wednesday and end the following Monday.


How Long does the auction process take?

Auctions will normally begin the first and third Wednesday of every month at 2:00pm EST and will end on the following Monday at 02:00pm EST.  The auction submission deadline is the Monday prior to auction start, so the entire process takes about 10 days.

Which jewelry items can be submitted for auction?

Any item with a center diamond larger than 0.40ct. can be submitted for auction.  However, any other gold or platinum item can be submitted for direct purchase, even if it doesn't contain any diamonds.

What do you do with the jewelry that is submitted for auction?

Your jewelry is shipped to our diamond grading and evaluation auction facility.  As soon as the items are received, they are inspected and verified.  They are also photographed, graded and cataloged in preparation for the auction.  You will receive notifications via email and you will be able to review your item's status during the entire process.


Is my jewelry insured?

Your jewelry is fully insured during the entire process up to the value stated in your auction submission form.


Do I have to sell my item to the highest bidder?

No, you do not have to accept the highest bid and can choose to reject the offer and pick up your item at our store location.


When will I get paid?

Payment will be processed within 24 hours of auction response submission.


Are there any fees involved?

There are no fees to submit an item for auction, and if you choose to reject the highest offer, you can pick up your item at no cost.  If you choose to accept the highest offer, a commission will be deducted from the sale.  You will be able to review and approve the net payment you will receive before you confirm the sale.

In-Store Auction Submission Details


1. Submit your item for auction.  A Seng Associate will inspect your item and verify your identity.


2. The Seng Associate will assist in completing the Item Submission Form.  (Be sure to provide your correct email address, as this will be the address we will use for any auction related notifications.)


3. The Seng Associate will enter your item(s) into the Auction Program.  Seng will then be responsible for packaging and shipping your diamonds or jewelry items to the Diamond Grading and Evaluation Auction Facility.

After Your Item Arrives at the Facility


Your item will be logged in upon arrival and you will be sent a confirmation email.  They your item will be inspected.  If there are any discrepancies between the submission form information and the item submitted, you will be notified via email.


You will receive a welcome email with your login information.  Through the auction portal, you will be able to review your item's status throughout the auction process, including grading, photographs and highest bid.  You will not be able to pick up your item during the auction process and once submitted, your item cannot be withdrawn from the auction.

The auction will start on Wednesday at 2:00pm EST and will end the following Monday at 2:00pm EST.  You will receive email notifications of auction start and closing, and you will be able to view the bidding during the entire auction.  While offers can be accepted at any time, we recommend you hold off until the auction closes, as bidding is usually the highest during the final hours of the auction.

Once the auction closes, you will be required to login and accept or reject the highest offer.  You must submit your response within 24 hours, or the bids will be automatically rejected and your item will be shipped back to Seng


If you accept the offer, your payment will be sent to you within 24 hours.  You will be requested to select your preferred payment method - check by mail (free), Paypal (3% fee), or wire transfer ($25 fee).


If you rejected the offer, your item will be shipped back from our auction facility and you will receive a notification when your item is available for pickup.  (Usually within 5 business days of auction closing).

Click here to see a sample portal.

If prompted, enter guest as the user name and testing as the password.

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