Closest garages:

RSP Garage - 430 South 3rd Street, between Liberty Street and Muhammad Ali Blvd.

Seelbach Garage - On Muhammad Ali Blvd. between Fourth Street and Fifth Street. Enter through the alley behind the Seelbach Hotel.

4th Street Live parking - On Fifth Street between Muhammad Ali Blvd. and Liberty Street

Public Parking - On Third street between Muhammad Ali Blvd. and Chestnut Street

Seng Jewelers  •  453 Fourth Street  •  Louisville, KY 40202  •  Phone: 502-585-5109


Seng Jewelers, Downtown Louisville, KY

Hours, 10:00 - 5:15, Tuesday - Saturday

Phone: 502-585-5109



453 S. Fourth Street • Louisville, KY 40202

We are currently closed, making arrangements, taping boxes, sorting 36yr old love letters to Mr Davis, etc! We’ll be back with the Fire soon in our new location!!


Until then, click here to reach us.

Seng Jewelers is Louisville's number one source for Ultimate Cut Diamond Engagement Rings.  Choose the finest, choose the Seng Firey Diamond™

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