The Seng Firey Diamond™

Cut from the heart by EightStar™

A step beyond ideal


The Seng Firey Diamond™

The diamond below is an actual photograph of a Seng Firey Diamond™.  What you are seeing in this photograph is what you see in every Seng Firey Diamond™; perfect optical symmetry.  The proper proportions in which to cut a diamond were determined in 1917, however it wasn’t until the invention of the SymmetriScope™ in 1984, that light return and symmetry could be objectively determined.  The SymmetriScope™ showed that most ideal cut diamonds, were far from ideal. Why? Because they failed to return light properly,

The image below left is a typical ideally proportioned diamond. The white areas in the photograph show light escaping through the pavilion of the diamond. This is light not being returned to the eye. These areas will appear dark when viewed under normal conditions, making the stone appear smaller.

The image above center shows how every Seng Firey Diamond™ appears through the SymmetriScope™.  No white areas and a perfect eight star pattern. At least 200 times during the 30 hour cutting process, the cutter scrutinizes the diamond with the SymmetriScope™ to insure its flow of light is perfectly controlled, creating the perfect house of mirrors.


The degree to which a diamond glows with white light is called brilliance. The degree to which it bursts with broad flashes of rainbow color is called fire. The SENG Firey Diamond™, is cut for maximum brilliancy, maximum fire, perfect optical symmetry and light return from one edge to the other.


Every Seng Firey Diamond™ comes with a Sarine Light Report.  To learn more, see the video below.

Click here to learn more about Sarin Light Performance Grading

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