The items shown in the galleries below are just samplings of the fabulous inventory available at Seng Jewelers.



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For those who live out of town, or find it difficult to come to Seng Jewelers, we suggest the SengView Live.


The staff at Seng Jewelers happily embrace todays smart phone technology and use video calling to our advantage. It’s like sitting at a counter, casually looking at Seng merchandise.


The items are held by hand and can be moved and rotated as you request. Extreme close-ups are possible, as if looking at the jewelry under magnification.


Simply call us at 502-585-5109 or 888-414-SENG and tell us what you would like to see and which video app you are using. Once we have the jewelry in hand, we will call you back for the viewing. It’s that easy!


Diamond Jewelry

Colored Diamond Jewelry

Colored Stone Jewelry

Cultured Pearl Jewelry

Seng Firey Diamond™ Jewelry


Meche' Dog & Cat Charms

Byzantine Cross Jewelry

Seng Estate Store

Estate Jewelry

David Oscarson

Nouveau 1910v Jewelry

Seng Jewelers, Downtown Louisville, KY

Hours, 10:00 - 5:15, Tuesday - Saturday

Phone: 502-585-5109



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453 S. Fourth Street • Louisville, KY 40202


Seng Jewelers is Louisville's number one source for Ultimate Cut Diamond Engagement Rings.  Choose the finest, choose the Seng Firey Diamond™

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